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Independent commissioned analysis of UW-TIPS by Rochester University of Technology

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About SoftwareNow, Inc.


SoftwareNow, Inc. (SNI) is dedicated to enhancing United Way campaigns.  The more effective and efficient the United Way campaign, the more donation dollars will end up with those who need it most.

We have been involved in United Way employee campaigns since 1984.  For the past 25+ years SNI has been contracted to handle all data related aspects of the United Way employee campaign for both small and multi-million-dollar companies.

Not only do we develop and market our software to companies in 14 states, we are using our software the same way we hope you will be using it.   When you call us for support or just questions about your campaign, we can relate.

Our product addresses every informational requirement that we, our customers, and the United Ways have come up with since 1987.  And yes, every year there are new ones.  The feedback we get from our customers is what drives our system enhancements every year.

In 1998 we worked closely with four United Ways (Phoenix, AZ, Columbus, OH, Philadelphia, PA, and Wilmington, DE) to eliminate the redundancy of re-processing corporate contribution data at the United Way.  In addition to interfacing with corporate payroll systems, UW-TIPS interfaces with FMS United Way software used by a number of the larger United Ways in the country.

With UW-TIPS and SNI’s support you will minimize, if not eliminate, all of the not-quite-as-much-fun data-related tasks involved in running a United Way Campaign.  We prefer you spend most of your talent and valuable time on the ‘people’ and ‘motivation’ parts of the campaign. Working on the United Way campaign can be a lot of fun... Make sure yours is and HAVE A GREAT CAMPAIGN!


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