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Independent commissioned analysis of UW-TIPS by Rochester University of Technology

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UW-TIPS Download a Demo Version

Tracking and Information Processing System

Download, Install, and Call us for a
tele-DEMO at (919) 847-8477.

You can download the UW-TIPS 2015 demo system or if you prefer, call us for a demo CD.

UW-TIPS 2017 is ready.  Happy campaigning!




  • Click here to view SoftwareNow, Inc.’s UW-TIPS software licensing agreement.

After Download, go to the folder that contains the download files and <Click> on SETUP.exe.  UW-TIPS 2016 will install in about 55 seconds.

The demo system is a fully operational system. You can ‘CLEAR ALL Demo DATA’ and load your own employee data and see how it looks.  You may even post up to 50 pledge contributions.

If you like the demo, call us and we will give you an activation code to make your demo system LIVE.
(The annual lease of UW-TIPS is $995.00*, which includes annual updates/enhancements and telephone support for the campaign year.)

Call us for a tele-DEMO / tele-TRAINING.  We will walk you through our system and can talk about your campaign.

* pricing based on number of employees - call for specific pricing for your site.

2016 FINAL Version




UW-TIPS 2017 Update (Not Yet Available)

The Demo version available above always contains the latest software.  However, if an update is available on this website and if you downloaded your 2017 UW-TIPS software prior to the above date and have already begun entering data, please download this update.

The name of the file you will download from here will be named UWUPDATE17.exe.

These updates may be applied to your DEMO or LIVE UW-TIPS system.





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(919) 847-8477


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