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UW-TIPS Software Overview
     UW-TIPS Reporting


UW-TIPS offers as many ways to look at your campaign data as our users can think of.We take new requests every year.Our users ask, and we listen.

Click on the screen captures to see larger, more-detailed captures.

You do not need all of theSummary System reports available in UW-TIPS for your campaign.You should tailor report distribution to meet the needs of your campaign.

You want to give your campaign team the proper reports to keep them fully informed on how the campaign is progressing.Choose reports that will help them be more effective, efficient, and motivated.

Detail ListingsEmployee detail level and Summary /Statistical reporting are available both online (to Screen) and print. With few exceptions, reports are first previewed to the screen to let you see what you are printing.


Below are just some of the reports available in UW-TIPS...

  • NO Response Reports By any Level (5) or Selectó

100% NO Response Level 1 (i.e. cost centers with 0% response)

100% NO Response Level 2 (i.e. departments with 0% response)

Labels w/ Home or Work Address (Alphabetical or Zipcode order)

  • Summary/Statistical reports available at 5 organizational levels

Current Goal vs. LY Totals

Current vs. LY Totals

Current vs. Goal

Summary Statistics

  • Weekly Pledge Summary Report
  • Leadership TARGET Report / Labels
  • Leadership Givers Report/ Labels (i.e. DeToqueville Society, etc.)
  • Leadership Summary Report by Organizational Levels
  • Guideline Giving Report/ Labels (i.e. Careshare, Careshare+, Fairshare, etc.)
  • (Select) by Specific % gift
  • Contributor Listings
  • Cash Contributors Listings
  • Direct Bill Report
  • Credit Card Report
  • Stock Issue Report
  • Volunteer Listing Report
  • Newsletter Requestor Report
  • Phone/Notes Report Listing
  • UW/County Distribution Summary
  • UW/County /Agency Distribution Summary
  • UW/County / Agency Summary by Donation Type
  • FMS Output Recap Report
  • Payroll Output Recap Report
  • Special Events Reporting by Category or Sponsor



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