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Independent commissioned analysis of UW-TIPS by Rochester University of Technology

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UW-TIPS Software Overview

for WINDOWS 95/98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Here are just some of the features in UW-TIPS…

  • FAX Summary Reports directly from UW-TIPS to United Way
  • Import Final Campaign Data directly into United Way ‘FMS LockBox
  • Front-end/back-end payroll interface (all salary data encrypted)
  • Windows-style pulldown/pop-up Help System
  • ‘Parent/Child’ Import/Export for National Corporate Roll-up and singular consolidated payroll interface
  • 120+ Summary/Statistical Detail Reports
  • Ability to capture ‘Special Events’ fund raising
  • Allows Credit Card and Stock Option contribution
  • Default home/work zip code designation utilizing UWA/USA zip cross-reference file
  • Calculates up to 5 leadership % giving levels (CareShare/Careshare+, etc.) based on up to fifteen  ‘salary break’ levels
  • ‘Roll/Unroll’ feature for continuing contributions from previous year

…. And much much more …

INSTALLS in 55 Seconds...
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... a single feature in UW-TIPS was responsible for a $434,000+ increase from just two companies!!!

 ... a first time user of UW-TIPS in 1997 increased their campaign contributions from $350,000 to $650,000 and continued growing in 1998 to $900,000+

"UW-TIPS played a major roll in this increase"  (quoted United Way...)

...One company with two sites, each employing approximately 8,000 employees with an equal salary base…one used UW-TIPS, one did not

NON-UW-TIPS site ... $300,000.00 1998
UW-TIPS site ... $1,090,000.00+ 1998

Nearly an $800,000 difference!!!



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